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Our Advantage

  • Great Company Culture

The Customer is our No. 1 Priority

Professional team

Result-oriented management


  • One Stop Service


With one order via fax or email the customer will get full services like: confirmations, pick-up, timely dispath, tracking reporting and recipient sign-off.



  • 1:1 Customer Service

We will allocate a dedicated professionally trained CS who will have timely communication with the customer.



  • Timely Information Tracking

The CS will report the delivery status in real time by email, fax, or telephone for customer to grasp status of their goods. 


  • Advanced Operation Management System

We have deployed advanced ERP system for all the operations so that the customer can check the status of their order on line in the real time.


  • Safety and JIT

We have  engraved the safety concept into everyone’s mind to ensure the safety of the goods while in transit to the recipient. 


  • Prompt Response

For the urgent cases, we will inform the customer promptly.  Our urgency handling staff is to satisfy the customer first.




  • Survey Satisfaction

We measure our recipients satisfaction by surveying their feedback upon our each delivery and continuously improving our operations quality.




  • Professional Consultation

We provide cost effective tailor made solutions for customer to meet their requirements.



  • High Quality Carrier

We collect and analyse data to measure our partners’ operation quality monthly, and continuously improve our operation processes, while developing a win-win relationship across the ecosystem.